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Forum Rules

Postby John » 15 February 2015, 21:46

Heavy Rescue Sweden Discussion Forum - Forum Rules and Guidance

1. Prior to posting on this forum you must register as a member
2. Forum content must not be abusive to other users
3. Forum posts must contain clean language, offensive posts will not be tolerated
4. The use of any swear words or undue profanity is prohibited, such as Sexually orientated-Hateful-Racial-abusive.
5. No posts should say anything that is against any Law of the United Kingdom
6. Any posts must not Expose the Administrators to any form of liability
7. Members must respect each other
8. Members must treat each other fairly and professionally
9. Members will not attack other members via dialogue in this forum or in any way linked to this forum
10. Topics covered are only to be relevant to the original post
11. Members will respect each others opinion at all times
12. Where there is a difference in opinion, we want to provoke discussion but it must be kept within professional context
13. Please keep fonts and type size to a sensible level and the over use of emoticons will be stopped
14. If you use an Avatar make sure it depicts yourself and not someone or role that is not a true reflection of you as a person
15. Members remain legally responsible for anything they post
16. Administrators have the absolute right to edit, change or delete any posts that they feel are not in keeping with the forum rules, no reason needs to be given for any changes made by an administrator to a forum post.
17. The administrators decision is final
18. Due to the Diverse forum users, you will respect and behave in a manner befitting the values of a professional person.
19. Failure to abide by the above rules will result in a warning, further breakage of rules will result in a life ban.
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